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{Awesome Yumminess} Easter EGGventures


I had a traumatic experience with an egg when I was a little girl.  It involved a rogue Easter egg, found in its hiding place several months after the holiday had come and gone.  And it resulted in a very sick little girl.  That one little boiled egg turned an egg lover into an egg hater.  I haven’t touched an egg yolk since that day more than a quarter century    two and a half decades   twenty-five years ago (damn, no matter how I put it, it makes me sound OLD).  Except for my aunt’s deviled eggs.  I have an extra special love affair with those, and nothing could tear me away from them.  Well, nothing other than a couple thousand miles.  So, you can probably imagine my heartbreak when my aunt decided yesterday that it would be “funny” to text me a picture of her deviled eggs, all pretty and delicious looking, ready for my family’s Easter get-together.  I won’t tell you about the picture I sent back to her.  Except to say that it left her saying something about being “number one, twice.”

I tried to get them off my mind.  Really, I did.  I deleted the picture off of my phone, in hopes that I would stop yearning for them if I didn’t have that readily available to torture myself with.  But I simply couldn’t stop thinking about them.  And about the vibrantly colored boiled eggs just hanging out in my fridge, wanting so desperately to be used for something.

So, I called up my aunt and insisted that she finally, for the love of all that is good and right with the world, just GUESS how much damn Miracle Whip she uses (see, this is the problem…she has always held onto this leverage of making the best deviled eggs EVER because, allegedly, she “doesn’t know” how much of everything she uses).  I finally won her over, though.  She caved.  And told me all of her secrets.

Hubster generously agreed to sacrifice his yearly ratio of boiled eggs so that I could give these babies a try.  I’m pretty sure he was almost as excited as I was when they turned out fantastically.  I could tell because he very calmly nodded and said “It’s good,” when I asked him to try the filling.

Together, we made this video for me to show my aunt just how my deviled egg adventure had turned out.  I should probably be humiliated to share this anywhere.  Instead, we rushed to our office and threw the video clips together as quickly as possible so that I could post this, immediately, to Facebook.  Tonight, it will go on our family blog when we do our Easter post.  I figured I might as well share it with you, too.  Humiliated?  Heh.  There’s no such thing when you’ve just tied with the master at making the best deviled eggs ever.

(I should probably apologize for my messy kitchen.  And for my messy hair.  And for the fact that was I still in my pajamas.
And definitely for the use of the word “eggies.”  And maybe even for the fact that this video was made at all.)

It’s been quite a while since my first attempt at a Vlog.  And while that wasn’t really the intention behind recording this, I will unashamedly (well, mostly unashamedly) confess that this is a pretty good glimpse at day-to-day me.  At least I didn’t snort on the video.  Now that would have been embarrassing.  And a little more of day-to-day me than anyone needs to see.  Ever.

Happy Easter!  Whether you celebrated the holiday or not, I hope that your day was filled with as much laughter as ours has been!

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3 Responses to “{Awesome Yumminess} Easter EGGventures”

  • Grandma:

    So that is how I always made the eggs, except for the mustard. My mother used only Miricle Whip, do that’s what James and David were raised on. Their dad would buy Mayo, cause that is what he was raised on, but I didn’t use it that often. The only thing I used mayo on was cheese bread (Dave loves, James no). One time I didn’t have mayo and used the Miricle Whip and never went back to the Mayo. I think Dave and Jenn buy Miricle Whip to make the cheese bread.

  • I am so happy that your aunt finally shared the family recipe! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and have a wonderful and blessed day!

    thistlewoodfarm recently posted..The View From Here

  • I’m so glad your deviled eggs turned out. But the 7 month old egg story? Ewww!
    Cynthia M recently posted..Welcome Spring — Wordless Wednesday

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