North Carolina…

So this is going to my only comments on the recent law that was voted on in North Carolina.  At first I didn’t really want to get involved with any discussions about it because of “shit storm” that any discussion about it becoming because of how passionate the people on both sides of the issue.  I had started off the day just hiding ever comment, article, or picture about it on Facebook.  That is until I saw the one below which kind of “spoke” to me and said basically how I feel about the whole thing so I felt the need to write this rant.

I think Clint said it best “I don’t give a fuck about who wants to get married to anybody else”.  I wouldn’t say that I am a Gay Rights supporter or anything but at the sometime I don’t see how it is really anyone else’s business what anyone else wants to do with the free time or home life.  The most I thought about it seem that this goes back to the same sort of thing I was taking about in my earlier post What the Hell is Wrong with People Today?”.  People are just way too worried about what everyone else is going and really think they have a right to tell people that their beliefs are wrong.  It is way past time that people need to just shut up and worry about their own shit.

Also this whole argument about the “sanctity” of marriage is really getting old and tired.  It is just time to give it up.

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