Cyberdrome is a SciFi story set in the future after a nanobot plague has hit the United States hard and forced the government to setup Utah as a quarantine zone to keep the infection from spreading.  Most of the story takes place in a virtual world setup in the computers at Cyberdrome where they run simulates and tests to hoping to find a cure.

Cyberdrome came up as a recommendation from Amazon because for people who had bought Daemon.  When I say it was only $.99 on Amazon I thought what the heck lets give it a try.  When I first started reading it I really thought I understood why the book was only $.99.

I thought that the story was very hard to follow in the beginning.  There was a lot of references to a characters past that the author seemed to talk about as if they were common knowledge.  It was almost getting to the point I was thinking that I had picked up a book in the middle of the series.  As the story got going it got quite a bit better.  I am still not sure it would be worth much more then about $5 on the kindle but still a pretty good read for $.99.

Joseph and David Rhea

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