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April 2014
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Yankees Sign Teixeira

I am already getting so excited for Baseball Season and it still December.  First Sabathia, the Burnett, and now Teixeira.  All Yankees!

Another year, another loss to Boise State.

Yet another year Nevada gave the game away against Boise State.  This year I think was a little bit worse then last year just because there is so much hype around this team as they are ranked so high.  I quite frankly think any one that thinks this team should be ranked that high needs to be kicked squarely in the head, but that is a different post all together.  When it comes right down to it with some better play this game wouldn’t have been even as close as it was and Nevada could have sent all of the Orange clad donkey lovers back home with a loss.

All en all it was a fun day.  After the football game I ended up going with Lou and Mark to the Home Opening for the basketball team against Oregon State.  Check out the main site as I have pictures up loaded both from this weekend and last weekends game against San Jose State.

Little Late

I don’t seem to have as much time as I used to in the evening with all of the good shows on and trying to hit the gym after work on a consistent basis so as you can see I haven’t been posting in here as much lately or got around to posting some of the pictures I have been wanting to get up to my flickr account that I took on our recent Trip to Minnesota.

After a very long week at work Aramelle and I both were very much looking forward to the weekend.  We started off with the Nevada Football Game on Saturday.  It was pretty fun in that they won and it was Military Appreciation Day being the week of Veterans Day.  Of course knowing this Aramelle brought along her camera for a few shots all of which I will get posted here hopefully this weekend at the latest on the main page.


After the game we went home to relax a little bit before going out to Celebrate a little bit for Aramelle’s Birthday that was on Sunday.  We started off with dinner at the Prime Rib Grill and had a very nice dinner that was followed up by this desert.


After Dinner we made our way over to Circus Circus for a little while to catch one of the Circus acts.  We tried to get some video but all we had with us was our little Point and Shoot Camera so they weren’t the best.  One Weekend we plan on Going back and catching all of the shows.  For we will take the regular video camera.

We then headed over to The Catch a Rising Star Comedy Club in the Silver Legacy.  This was actually the second time we have been there in the last few weeks plan on making as many trips as we can.

This next weekend will be the last home football game for this year.  We are still thinking about if we are going to take a Camera or not so they may be more pictures after this weekend.