At long last Diablo 3

Warning some may find this post boring.  Being the huge Diablo Fan that I am and waiting for Diablo 3 for 12 years now I decided to an “Unboxing Porn” type post.

When I got home I found this sitting on the counter.  I knew that it was there waiting for me since I had been tracking the package every since I had found that the package had been shipped.

The first glimpse inside of the envelope.

Finally out.

Look at all the good stuff inside.

Now the only bad thing is that because I can’t really afford to get wrapped up into the game so I won’t be actually installing it until this weekend.  That being said my wonderful wife it working on setting up a play date for her and Zachary for Saturday so I can have a day to just dive right into it.

Now as log as I don’t have any of the server issues that a lot of people have been complaining about and inspired this YouTube Video I should be all set.  Saturday can not come quickly enough.