Steve Jobs – Business Man, Visionary, Huge Ass

That is what the full title of the book really should have been.  When the book first came out I had been really interested to read about Jobs’s life an how he pioneered the computer industry even with my dislike of any of the products that he and Apple were responsible.

Before I had started reading it I had an opinion of Job that he just wasn’t a very nice person based on some news reports of him and how Apple did business.  As I went through the book I found it very hard to get though at times and I found out more and more that just how much I had underestimated just how jerk he really could be.  It is amazing how many times he was allow to get away with being a complete asshole to anyone around him through out his whole life and was never fired from places like Hewlett Packard or how it was that he was able to find it way back into Apple when he had fired for for that exactly that.  Even when he was in a position of power at Apple I am surprised that he was able to accomplish anything the way he would bad mouth people for their work if he didn’t feel that it was up to his and Apple’s standards.

As if that wasn’t enough I am amazed after reading about Apple’s business visions that anyone has ever bought a product from them.  I had never really cared for any of Apple’s Product because they have always seemed to be really over simplified almost as if everything is designed for a small child.  I guess that can work some some but when I read that Apple doesn’t do focus groups because they actually believe consumers don’t actually know what they want until they give it to them.  That kind of logic just doesn’t sit well with me.  I want to be able to use the products I buy the way I would like not the way someone else tells me that I should be using it.  Something like that just reaffirms my decision to never give a dime to Apple.

I could probably say a lot more but I am sure that if anyone is still reading at this point you probably don’t want to read too much more of my ranting.

Up next I have decided to start reading the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child starting with Killing Floor