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Embarrassing …

It is really hard for me to admit, but it is starting to become really embarrassing to be a Nevada Wolf Pack fan.  Before you start thinking about it no it isn’t just because of the season they have had.  I have been a 49ers fan ever since I knew what football was and if I was one of those fair weather fans I would have moved on after those tough years from 1994 to 2010.  What else would there be to be embarrassed about you may ask?  Other Nevada Fans!  Maybe it just something that I hadn’t noticed as much in the past or maybe it has to do with the great year that they had in 2010 going 13-1 along with being on Facebook so it is a bit more obvious.  Regardless of the reason I am noticing more and more lately just how stupid the average Nevada Fan is.

I had started to notice this around the beginning of this season but become even more aware of it after going to a game this year when a friend had and extra ticket.  No matter what was happening while things were going wrong there were people constantly yelling that Chis Ault needed to be fired because he sucks and doesn’t know anything about football.  First of all the man has won over 200 games in his career that just doesn’t happen by mistake.  That being said I believe there is a time for any coach when they have “over stayed their welcome”,  ie Jeff Fisher and Andy Reed in the NFL.  That being said I think that Ault has done a lot of good things for this University but it probably is about time for him to let someone else take a turn.  The problem I have with this whole thing is just listening to the reasons for why these geniuses say he should be fired for.  It took that one game for me to be thankful that I haven’t been able to get season tickets the last couple of years.  I will be thinking long and hard before getting them any time soon.  This doesn’t even begin to touch on those fans that seem just want to go around making an ass  out of themselves by just being drunk idiots in the stands and in downtown Reno after the game like after the Boise State game in 2010.  I had convinced my self this was just a few bad apples and there were just as many BSU fans that were just as bad if not worse, but now I am not so sure that is true.

Some may say that writing this blog entry I am doing the same thing (assuming anyone is still reading it at this point), and you have your right to that opinion.  After all that is what this whole post is, my opinion.


I actually had finished this book some time ago and thought that it might be time to finally get my blog post about it up.  Tripwire it the 3rd book in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child.

In this book Jack investigates what happened to a missing helicopter pilot that was shot down and missing in action during the Vietnam war.  In this book much like the previous ones in the series there were a few things that seemed to be a little bit far fetched but at the same time I really like the story and how quick of a read it was.

The more I read this series that more I really keep looking forward to what happens next and think that in some ways I will be disappointed when I finally reach the end of the series.  This is so true that when I saw that they were making a Jack Reacher movie.  Course anyone that knows this series I am sure can figure out why I was disappointed when I saw that Tom Cruise was cast as Jack Reacher.

Next up is the 4th book of the series Running Blind.

Thinking about Photography again…

A few years ago I had started to get a bit of interest into Photography.  Could have mainly been because at the time I thought it was something that I could share with Aramelle, or just something I had been thinking about on my own, not really sure.

The stuff that I really like to talk picture of is more scenery unlike how Aramelle likes to go more for the portrait type shots.  Because of that I think I may have lost a little bit of interest for a while because some times it feels like it is hard for me to really take pictures unless I am by myself or with someone else just looking for good picture as well.  Sometimes hard to do when we have Zachary along with us.

That all seemed to change this past weekend when we took Zachary to The Great Reno Balloon Races.  I feel almost as if I have been “bitten by the bug” again.  It may not last very long but in the mean time I will try to stay up with uploading picture as soon after I take them as I can, and maybe even from time to time post stuff about things I learn along the way.  Assuming of course I ever get the balls to actually take the camera off Auto.

Not too many pictures to add to the Gallery today but I though they were still work getting up on the Blog.  This Gallery will also be uploaded to my Pictures page.

Great Reno Balloon Race 2012

I was finally able to get the picture from this weekends Great Reno Balloon Race.  This was Zachary’s first year at the balloon races.  Unfortunetly we didn’t actually get to see the balloons fly because of winds up were the balloons usually fly.  I think he still had a great time and hopefully we will be able to see them fly next year.

Gallery of my Pictures

Die Trying

The second  book in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

As much as I liked the first one this book was much better then the first.  I thought it was a great story but there were parts of it were a little bit far fetched, but this second book was a story line that I could see happening at any time with out notice.

In this second book of the series Jack Reacher bumps into a women on the streets of Chicago that he later finds out to be an FBI agent as well as the daughter of the chair of the Joint Chiefs.  He gets wrapped up in a kidnapping by a group militia with dreams of succeeding from the union.  That is until they realized just who they were dealing with one Jack Reacher.

Going to keep working on the series and have already dove right into Tripwire.

Fathers Day – Past and Present…


I had planning on starting a blog post this morning for Father’s Day.  That is until I woke up this morning and my plans had changed with stuff that my wonderful wife had planned.

It started off with  a card that Aramelle had Zachary give me which had a clue in it sending me on what is quickly becoming a family tradition of sending people on a scavenger hunt to find my present.

After following all of the clues I finally find that she had got tickets for the Aces Game.


It was a great day to be at the ball park.  First for Fathers day there was catch on the field before the game.  Zachary had a great time throwing around the special ball that they handed us as we

walked on the field.  I wasn’t quite sure how Zachary would take to sitting there and watching the game but to my surprise he actually did pretty well and at times was very much into the game and actually was cheering with the crowd.

After the game we got a special kids run the bases day for Father’s Day where they let dads on the field to run the bases with their kids, which of course he loved as well.

This was by far the best and probably the hardest Father’s Day I have had since 1995.  I love being out with Zachary and sharing with him some of my love of sports but at the same time it was a hard reminder of how hard it has been to be with out my own father for so many years.









At long last Diablo 3

Warning some may find this post boring.  Being the huge Diablo Fan that I am and waiting for Diablo 3 for 12 years now I decided to an “Unboxing Porn” type post.

When I got home I found this sitting on the counter.  I knew that it was there waiting for me since I had been tracking the package every since I had found that the package had been shipped.

The first glimpse inside of the envelope.

Finally out.

Look at all the good stuff inside.

Now the only bad thing is that because I can’t really afford to get wrapped up into the game so I won’t be actually installing it until this weekend.  That being said my wonderful wife it working on setting up a play date for her and Zachary for Saturday so I can have a day to just dive right into it.

Now as log as I don’t have any of the server issues that a lot of people have been complaining about and inspired this YouTube Video I should be all set.  Saturday can not come quickly enough.

Killing Floor

When I picked this book up I didn’t actually know anything about the series other then it was on our family Amazon account since my mom and brother has been reading the series.  Going into with out knowing anything about the series I found it to be a great and quick read, well quick for me anyway and probably my favorite book since reading Daemon.

The Killing Floor was a great action novel about Jack Reacher who just happened to be passing through the small town of Masgrave, GA when he is accused of murder by the town’s police force that were running the largest counterfeit operation in American History.  After being cleared as a suspect and then finds out that the person that was killed was his brother that he had lost contact with years before.  He sticks around to finish his brothers  business who had been in town to investigate the counterfeit ring.

Very much looking forward to the rest of the series.  Next up is the second book in the Jack Reacher series Die Trying.

North Carolina…

So this is going to my only comments on the recent law that was voted on in North Carolina.  At first I didn’t really want to get involved with any discussions about it because of “shit storm” that any discussion about it becoming because of how passionate the people on both sides of the issue.  I had started off the day just hiding ever comment, article, or picture about it on Facebook.  That is until I saw the one below which kind of “spoke” to me and said basically how I feel about the whole thing so I felt the need to write this rant.

I think Clint said it best “I don’t give a fuck about who wants to get married to anybody else”.  I wouldn’t say that I am a Gay Rights supporter or anything but at the sometime I don’t see how it is really anyone else’s business what anyone else wants to do with the free time or home life.  The most I thought about it seem that this goes back to the same sort of thing I was taking about in my earlier post What the Hell is Wrong with People Today?”.  People are just way too worried about what everyone else is going and really think they have a right to tell people that their beliefs are wrong.  It is way past time that people need to just shut up and worry about their own shit.

Also this whole argument about the “sanctity” of marriage is really getting old and tired.  It is just time to give it up.

Steve Jobs – Business Man, Visionary, Huge Ass

That is what the full title of the book really should have been.  When the book first came out I had been really interested to read about Jobs’s life an how he pioneered the computer industry even with my dislike of any of the products that he and Apple were responsible.

Before I had started reading it I had an opinion of Job that he just wasn’t a very nice person based on some news reports of him and how Apple did business.  As I went through the book I found it very hard to get though at times and I found out more and more that just how much I had underestimated just how jerk he really could be.  It is amazing how many times he was allow to get away with being a complete asshole to anyone around him through out his whole life and was never fired from places like Hewlett Packard or how it was that he was able to find it way back into Apple when he had fired for for that exactly that.  Even when he was in a position of power at Apple I am surprised that he was able to accomplish anything the way he would bad mouth people for their work if he didn’t feel that it was up to his and Apple’s standards.

As if that wasn’t enough I am amazed after reading about Apple’s business visions that anyone has ever bought a product from them.  I had never really cared for any of Apple’s Product because they have always seemed to be really over simplified almost as if everything is designed for a small child.  I guess that can work some some but when I read that Apple doesn’t do focus groups because they actually believe consumers don’t actually know what they want until they give it to them.  That kind of logic just doesn’t sit well with me.  I want to be able to use the products I buy the way I would like not the way someone else tells me that I should be using it.  Something like that just reaffirms my decision to never give a dime to Apple.

I could probably say a lot more but I am sure that if anyone is still reading at this point you probably don’t want to read too much more of my ranting.

Up next I have decided to start reading the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child starting with Killing Floor