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3rd Birthday Letter


As I write this letter, your birthday has already come and gone.  It’s the day after, and you’ve been tucked snug into bed and are fast asleep.  I’ve spent the past couple of months thinking about this letter, trying to begin to gather my thoughts, to pull together the words to put this past year together in a letter to you.  Yesterday, I sat down several different times, staring at the blinking cursor for what felt like hours, wiping away the tears as my thoughts travelled back over the past year. 

On your last two birthdays, my favorite part of the day has been the quiet moments we snuck in together, just the two of us.  Holding you tight in my arms, rocking you in the chair where we once shared our middle of the night visits.  For those few, brief minutes, I could close my eyes, breathing you in, and be reconnected for a bit with that brand new baby boy that you once were.  This year, there were no quiet moments to be stolen between the two of us.  I tried.  Oh, how I tried.  But you are far too busy these days to have much interest in slowing down to snuggle with your Momma.  You told me exactly that as I tried to pull you up onto my lap.  “Me too busy playing, Momma.  Tomorrow!” you promised. 

So, instead, I sat by myself, rocking quietly in the chair as I watched you cruise about the living room with various new toys, each a new favorite for one reason or another.  This time, I smiled as I thought back over the journey that this past year has been for us.

Without question, this year has been far more challenging than I ever could have expected.  And far more rewarding than I ever could have hoped.  I have learned how desperate a mother can feel when it comes to her need to protect her child.  And I’ve watched in awe as you’ve faced each challenge head-on, refusing to let any bit of set back slow you down.  I’ve floundered and stumbled as I tried to catch up to you, to find ways to make your struggles a little easier, all to realize later that you’ve been leading the way and teaching me just the right thing to do all along.  Your spunk and determination amazes me constantly.  The strength with which you face life’s obstacles, refusing to allow them to be in your way for too long, inspires me in ways I never thought possible. 

Last night, I got as close as you’d let me get to a bit of snuggle time as we piled onto the couch with Daddy for a special movie night.  As you wrapped your arms around me, beaming with the fun and excitement that the day had been made of, you pressed your cheek to mine and declared “Love you, Momma!”  In that moment, I finally found the acceptance that I’ve been fighting against for the past several weeks.  My baby is gone.  In his place is the most amazing little boy I’ve ever had the chance to know. 

And something tells me you’re just going to get even more amazing over the next year.


Birthday Letter from Daddy


Another year down which would make you 3 now!  Where is all this time going?  Along with that sense of humor that you were working on last year you are starting to try some independence now and really making it known what you want and letting anyone close enough know if you aren’t getting what you want.

In case things have changed by the time you are actually reading this (which I don’t think they will that much) you really got into trains this last year.  So much so everything that can be sat on becomes “your train” that you would like me to sit on with you so you can drive it around, usually while yelling as loud as you can “BLOW HORN”.  You know so that others know that the train is coming through.

This Year ahead will be another big one as you are starting school in just a few days after I write this.  I hope you like it because after awhile when you realise (hopefully earlier than I did) that very few jobs are you really able to be “done” with school.  HAHA!

Here is too another fun year little man!

Love Daddy

November 2012 Update

We haven’t done a very good job so far with getting our update post for November 2012 up in a timely manner.  Life has been especially busy this month.  At least, that’s our excuse.

The highlight of the month was a weekend trip to Apple Hill.  The time away for just the three of us was exactly what we all needed.  Zachary had a great time feeding the goats as well as the awesome swimming pool that they have the the Montbleu.  We’re looking forward to making this trip an annual tradition.

Of course November also means Thanksgiving.  We were lucky enough this year to spend time with some good friends that come over for Thanksgiving dinner which was perfect even after having to delay things for a day because of a the little accident on Thanksgiving day.

As always all of the pictures can be found in the November Picture Gallery.

Thanksgiving Adventures

Thanksgiving has all the makings of a strong contender for Zachary’s favorite holiday.  There are few things that he loves more than spending time bonding in the kitchen, and he is already proving to be one heck of a sous chef.  So, he was loving life this morning, as the three of us gathered in the kitchen, all working towards putting together a tasty Thanksgiving feast. 

While getting something out of a drawer, Zachary “discovered” one of his medicine dispensers and started to insist that he needed some “drink, drink medicine” (ibuprofen).  He was none too thrilled when I explained to him that medicine is only for when he is sick or hurt and asked him to put the spoon away.

Then it happened.  With one backwards tipping a chair, our dinner preparations were thrust aside, and we were piling into the car, on our way to the emergency room.   

Another four hours, several minutes of sedation, and three stitches later, he finally got that “drink, drink medicine” he’d so badly wanted before. 

I suppose you could call that determination.


As our Thanksgiving winds down tonight, I am counting my blessings for my sweet little boy, and the wonderful people who gave him such amazing care at the emergency room.  And I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening, when we will finish those preparations and finally dig into the delicious meal he was so exciting to be helping with this morning.

October 2012 Update

In an effort to try and do a better job at keeping up with updates on the site we are going to try to at least do regular updates at the beginning of each month that highlight all of the pictures and things we did as a family from the moth before.  That being said here is your Wheeler update from October 2012.

This has been a busy month for the family, as Aramelle went back to work after being home with Zachary for the past couple of years.  Things have been a little hectic as we’ve all been adapting, but we still managed to squeeze in some fun.

dsc_0671Things started with a trip to the pumpkin patch with some good friends.  Zachary really loved to be able to pick out his own pumpkins and he especially loved the hay ride, sitting right up front where he could watch the tractor.







Of course a big highlight of October would be Halloween.  Our little man is very much into trains at the moment and after Aramelle found a tutorial on how to make a train costume we knew that would be the perfect costume for him.  This was the first year that we took Zachary Trick or Treating around the neighborhood.  Our little train engineer was a big hit with everyone who saw him!  When we first started out, he was acting very shy, but by the end of the night he was definitely expecting the oohs and aahs over his costume.






Check out the pictures in the October 2012 gallery and be sure to stop back next month, as we’ve got lots of fun stuff going on this November to share with you.

Pumpkin Patch Fun

DSC_0671Today the Wheeler Family made it out to a local Pumpkin Patch with some friends and their kids.  Zachary had a great time helping us pick out our pumpkins, seeing the animals, and of course the hayride since he really is into anything that moves on wheels right now.

Check out the pictures in our October Picture Gallery.

The Wheeler Family Summer

Since it has been way too long since we updated anything here I thought it would be about time that we get a post up with some pictures about what we have been up to this summer.

Even though it didn’t really feel like summer (yes I know it wasn’t really summer yet) we still were able to go up to the lake and spend some time walking around and enjoying some family time over Memorial day weekend.  It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary.

To Celebrate Father’s Day, Aramelle got tickets to the Reno Aces Game.  Zachary had a ton of fun playing on the field before and after the game.


Toward the end of July, we took Zachary up to Virginia City for a little train ride.  Zachary is a huge fan of trains, so he was very excited for this.


We made a trip to The Sparks Marina for some time at the beach in August.


One of our favorite events in Reno every September is The Great Reno Balloon Race.  We took Zachary for the first time this year.  Even though the weather didn’t allow for the balloons to actually fly, Zachary sure seemed to have a lot of fun.

Zachary’s thoughts before the Balloon races

One of our last outings for the summer was to take Zachary to  the Sierra Safari Zoo.  This is a place that we drive by every time we head into town and finally decided to make a stop and check it out.


We’ve had a lot of fun hanging out as a family this summer.  Check out pictures from all of these outings in our photo galleries.


Pictures!  Pictures! Pictures!

May | June | July | September

The Wheeler’s on YouTube

Because of some problems we have been having with Viddler, the site we have been using for hosting our videos, we have decided to move to YouTube.

All of our videos may not be up right away but we are working on getting them up.

The Wheeler’s YouTube Channel

A Bunny-riffic Weekend


Three Easters ago, we announced to my extended family that we had a new addition on the way.  Now, that new addition has lost his new baby smell and is a wild, rambunctious toddler.  And it seems this holiday just gets more and more magical with each passing year.

Without a doubt, this Easter has been my favorite so far of all holidays that we’ve shared with Zachary.  Why?  Because, he’s old enough now that he is starting to really “get” it.


We kicked off the holiday weekend with a fun family evening on Friday, dying our Easter eggs.  Zachary had a great time.  At least for a little while.  Then, he was way more interested in eating some of the special Easter cookies I’d made for our fun night.

DSC_8532Yesterday, we ventured into town for an afternoon of Easter fun.  We started at a community Easter Egg Hunt being held at one of my favorite parks.  I was really excited to take Zachary to the egg hunt.  It turns out, though, that I forgot to consider the idea of the crazy parents who are, apparently, a requirement at such events.  So, we scrapped the egg hunt idea and instead spent some time enjoying the (finally!) beautiful weather, wandering around the park and taking Zachary’s Easter portraits.

After having a bite to eat, we decided to go see if we could find the Easter Bunny himself so Zachary could say hello.  I was really excited to see how Zachary reacted to him.  He was so excited and was mad at the line because he didn’t want to have to wait to sit on the Bunny’s lap.  The second it was his turn, he ran up to the Bunny and gave him a big hug.

Last night before bed, we had Zachary help us with setting out a snack and drink for the Bunny.  He proudly selected the perfect carrot, requested ice for the cup of water, and then carried both to the spot he had selected as the perfect place…a TV tray in the living room.  He then happily put his Easter basket next to the snacks so that it would be easily found.

When he woke up this morning, he greeted me with “Bunny!” when I went into his room.  He was a little perturbed by the “mess” the bunny left in the hall with his trail of cotton, but he quickly forgot about that when he set his eyes on the goodies that the Bunny had delivered especially for him.  And he had a great time collecting all of the eggs that had been left behind for his very own egg hunt.

After a yummy breakfast, the three of us spent the  morning playing together.  We all had a great time breaking in the new bowling set that Zachary got as part of his Easter gift.  Our hallway makes the perfect bowling lane!  This afternoon, we spent some time outside, trying out the new bat & ball and drawing with the sidewalk chalk.  That was enough to work up our appetites, so we headed inside for our non-traditional twist on Easter dinner: hot ham & cheese sandwiches, potato salad, and deviled eggs.  Followed up by a delicious dessert.

It was a really wonderful holiday weekend, spent enjoying our little family of three.  There was a lot of playing and acting silly together.  And a good amount of time for relaxing and thinking back over the past three years, as we watched our biggest blessing in life enjoy his Easter weekend.

Here’s a video of Zachary discovering his loot from the bunny and finally getting some egg-hunting fun.

And here’s a little glimpse of some of the silliness that had James and I laughing for hours while Zachary napped this afternoon.

We’ve also uploaded a bunch of pictures, including Zachary’s portraits, to the Easter photo gallery.

Zachary Playing in the Snow

Finally getting around to cleaning off the hours of video that have just been sitting on the video camera and actually doing something with them.

This is from January when we finally got some snow and decided to take Zachary out for a little bit of fun time.


Christmas Videos are coming, but they are taking a little bit longer to edit than this one did.